2020 so far!!

Recent events made this blog a lot easier!!


Before the world entered a lockdown, I was really struggling to come up with an excellent blog to start off 2020.

to tell you the truth has been a confusing time for me. One moment I’m doing a lot of activities in a week and getting really good at each one.


in January, I even got 3 golds  which I was so happy with.

(if I can find a photo, I put it here!)



Go Karting


Training/ Physiotherapy

Family Duties

Other Hobbies (i can’t think of any atm)


that all sounds like a LOT!

However, on the other hand, on the other days, I’m doing basically NOTHING with my time. And in those times that just makes me feel so lazy and guilty, and I’m sitting down desperately thinking of ANYTHING to do that is productive.

This 50/50 crazies to be honest with you was driving me crazy!!!


Then in the UK in the middle of March was the beginning of the Lockdown and life as we knew it all changed. But you know im perfectly fine with it because we are all told to stay indoors, that’s no different than my ‘normal’ days. The only thing it does is stops me going out to the cinema.

As we are talking to family members about what’s currently going on, to tell you the truth, mostly everyone is freaking out. They are all surprised by how calm I am of the whole thing. And that is because of the way that I see it

if you got no choice but to stay indoors and you can’t go out, theres no point on worrying or go crazy about it.


Now I understand that im in a good position that I don’t have to go out and earn a living. In that way, I am fortunate.   I really don’t want to talk about politics or that kind of grown-up stuff, so the only thing I say is everyone, please stay safe.



one thing that its helping me staying at home is my 10 by 5 snooker table. it can be frustating at times but lately my snooker breaks have been going crazy,  if im able i look back of this year and i’ll share them to you.



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