2018 recap


With another year coming to an end, is time to reflect.  I have done so much in a short amount of time. Started with:

Started off me attempting to walk better with help from my physio.



Took a slight interest in video editing and test that on me playing snooker and trying all kinds of effects.


More walking with a walking frame


Managed somehow to do an activity like swinging between trees!



My first holiday without my parent. To centre parks. It was an experience with the same struggle, but I enjoy doing the activities that I haven’t done in a long time. Like climbing, archery both I really struggle for some reason lack of strength I don’t know,  I love doing the crossbow.

As I said before that I have trouble uploading the photo/videos on here

When I got home for some reason, I got Fatigued and a lack of energy me, as my pain in my back and legs were increasing at some pace. Meanwhile, I was going crazy with completing video games because I ended up not doing much.



First time going Comic Con.





And the biggest news of the year when finally in November the announcement of my first book!!  I mean that my most significant thing for me for the year.




After my book was released I spent the majority of December a bit lost and ended up playing more games then I probably should, you see after my book was done I had nothing to really focus on. So out boredom, I finish 4 other games 100 %. Including one of my favourite games:


The level of commitment to 100 % this game. Anyone who knows this game knows how much of a pain to collect those feathers.


The last activity that I did was the Indoor Sky Driving, and I had so much fun. The feeling that I was ‘flying’ was unbelievable. One crazy thing is my friends what me to try the real thing!! :O.  I still thinking about that!! Meanwhile here’s the photo:




Two days before Christmas, I COULD NOT  get up from the bed I was stuck. This was the first time that I was immobile and to tell you the truth I was scared. On top of everything, my phone ran out the battery, lucky my iPad and Facebook Message, so I was able to get help.

Christmas meal was ok, and I overate on boxing day with my brother, while watching the IT movie (2017). Ever since then, I have been watching too many movies. New Years I stayed up till 2:30 watching classic horrors movies to help my dog with the fireworks. Like the very first Halloween  🙂  and no I’m catching up on Horror classics that I haven’t watched yet.


One thought on “2018 recap

  1. Eye opening as well as an enjoyable read, its commendable that you strive for further things to do, just keep up your confidence your ace


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