Calvert Trust Kielder

Time for another holiday recap!!

monday 25th February

We started the long journey in the car at 07: 30, taking many breaks in between to break up the trip. We finally made it at 15:15, where after dropping my stuff to my room, father took his leave and I guess my holiday has now begun.

especially at the start of the holiday, the sense of independence was overwhelming, I have no idea what to do with myself or where I should go. This is when I realised that back home, I was so used taking directions…..

of course, sleeping anywhere but your own bed is a tricky thing, for me, I got a double at home, so lying down on a single bed is way to small and too high, and I do not want to move too much just in case I fell out.

Day 1

On the first day, I had to try and get used to the new ‘timetable’ that I will be following them this week. Which consists off:


07;15 I woke up (SHOWER)

08:00 had a full breakfast

09:00 first activity

12:30  it was lunch time

1300/13:30 second activity

17:00?1800 time for dinner.

The first thing we did was a Buggy ride, bring a bit unprepared and forget my gloves, and I started to realise how freezing the north weather really is.

Some random photos;


Climbing was my second activity, and I REALLY enjoy this one and the first time that I did the climb to the very top! Which is something that I haven’t managed to do before!


day 2

Zip wire was excellent; they use a counterweight and a harness to keep me sitting upright, which worked brilliantly the last time back in October I done zip wire I almost knocked myself out.  Abseiling was different because I did wheelchair abseiling before going down with a wheelchair. However this time I walked down. Unfortunately, my GoPro didn’t work, so I got no video to show.

Birds of Prey

this was the first time of me holding/feeding a falcon bird.


When it comes to the evening, I felt a tiny ill and spent the next 3 nights getting up at night to go to the toilet. During my time of need, all the carers were super helpful. For the rest of the week, I would have carried a spare set of clothes, you know, just in case.

Day 3

coming to the midway point of the holiday my back was hurting so much and any free time that I did had I usually try and lay down on the bed for 20 minutes or so.




this was the first time in a hammock, luckily I didn’t fall out.

Need to rest back

day 5

the first activity was swimming which I missed out on because I didn’t trust myself.

I did go on a sailing boat, which was good fun

Day 6

Crete stacking

Bowling night which was good fun, but I didn’t win.


The last day and I was up early and with some help, I got packed, then waited for dad,  he came at 10am and we began our journey back home. So long sitting in that car, I think it was the longest journey ever, SIX HOURS!!!!!!

Finally, we made it home by 17:40. The first actions I did was take a nice cup of tea, then pretty much got ready to sleep.


Overall I really enjoyed my experience, the care was superb and made me super comfortable.  I would highly recommend The Calvert Trust if you’re looking for a holiday.

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