A real quick training update

On this week (15-21 April),

I have managed to hit a huge milestone.

Tuesday the 17th,

With the aid of my physio, I manage to go outside!, with the physio pushing halfway than I push the 2nd  half. And we did it!

I spend as good mortality of my time indoors, the very thought of going outdoors and ‘walking’ in public, kinda scares me a little?? I am not sure how to put the feeling into words. The last time I can remember being able to push myself independently was way back in 2011 Prom Night, and every since then my ability to drive myself gradually went on a downhill slope.

So seven years!!!!

I must say that I put a brave face on, while inside I was a nervous wreck and when I get nervous I am watching the ground looking for any cracks or uneven surfaces that had the possibility of hitting my wheels sending my flying out the chair face first on to the pavement.  I was even scared of some little dirt on the ground!!! that was kind of embarrassing.

While pushing myself, I tend to go slow for that reason, but with some encouraging words and the knowledge that my physio wasn’t too far away, lightly holding my chair just in case I go astray. With all that worry I manage to get back home in one piece 😀 haha.

When we got back, one of my carers was outside waiting, the physio help me with my plastic supports on, and I hopped on my walking frame and had a walk around my snooker table. I did three laps including rest, and on my fourth lap, another carer came and rang the doorbell, which I was nervous when the dog bark and I jump and fall over or something. Again my mind was playing tricks on me and when the dog bark, I hardly moved and only my shoulders were a little painful, to me and my physio astonishment.

The dog was overwhelmed that they so many people in the same house!!!!

Wednesday 18th,

with the trainer, he came in and put on my plastic supports on and onto the frame, let me quickly go through the notes!

  • Firstly I walked around the snooker table two times (x2), had a sit-down.
  • The sun was out, and the trainer challenges me to step outside, so I went outside and walked up and down my driveway four times(x4), had two sit-downs. Surprisingly the sun beating down on me made me more fatigued than usual.  I’m not used to the outdoors!
  • Walked back indoors, took a rest, and walked around the table x3 and walk back to the start point to transfer into my wheelchair, which didn’t feel like my chair.

Afterwards, the trainer did the maths, and all that adds up to a total of 240m!!!! :O

I’m not sure if I said this before, but my target was to talk 100m before Septemeber, its April, I think I smashed that goal don’t you think! Now comes the hard part that is to keep the effort up.
So yes, my life working with physio and trainer are going so well, who knows what craziness lay ahead for me.  😀

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