The Harsh Reality


Something about this week (11-18th February) that got me emotional.

Could be Valentine’s Day and my regrets in the past, also not feeling that well and in so much pain with my back and shoulders, might be my dog not feeling that well. (my dog got a bad hip.)

Got me thinking,

There is an expectation in today’s society to keep a positive attitude, if you not, theirs something wrong with you. There are professional setups that can help like; counselling, therapy, and medication to help you to be happy.

Now, of course, I can only have a perspective from someone living in a wheelchair and not get me wrong there are many success stories about people overcoming disability to achievements. So that is great. There is nothing like seeing someone overcoming their disability, and that would inspire you to do the same thing.

On the other side of that is many people struggling on a daily basis. Thier is no secret that living life with a disability has its challenges. Let me give you examples.

  1. Obviously, living with that disability.
  2. Everyone is talking childishly and behaving differently around you.
  3. To getting the right equipment to improve your daily life.
  4. Having very few people around you that understand what you are feeling.
  5. To be in pain for most of the time.


The one subject that no one tells you is what it does to you mentally.  It can mess with your head and its difficult to keep positive.

Has been four years since I moved out from London. The first two was me trying to get used to everything and the new area that I now live in, the last two years have been extremely tough for me. My relationship with my family is slightly different, starting to show their true colours.  I have to learn how to be an adult quickly, skipping the teenager experience.

Not developing as a person, which got me into trying to find out what type of person I am.   I am still trying to find my occupation.

This week I was asked ‘do you think you have depression?’

So, I took a minute to think and,

My response was;  by all means, looking at my situation, I should be depressed. However, I do not think so, for some reason I still find the motivation to wake up the next morning.  You know the strange thing is, I cannot tell you why? A fire is burning inside me telling me to keep going.


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