Bendrigg Trust holiday – 7th-13th Sept 2019

I recently come back from my actively holiday and my last planned trip of the year ( unless something else comes up). Which was the Bendrigg Trust in the  Lake District.

I have been to a few activity holidays now, and I had a FANTASTIC TIME and I really enjoyed this one.

The day started when we left the house at 10am, 5 hours in I fell asleep for an hour, I woke up just before we got there sometime around 5pm. Another LONG car trip. And we were welcomed by the staff members and we had a relaxing evening as everyone was pretty tired.  The room where I stayed was pretty big and the bathroom was massive (much better than the cupboard rooms I’ve seen)

To make things easier for me, I’ll list out the activities and for some, I’ll write more detail.

The activities that I did were:

Climbing: I REALLY enjoyed the wall, with a whole team of staff and volunteers I first climbed the easy wall just to warm up and I had no issue what so ever! Which is unusual for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can’t believe I made it to the top! After a time, I had another climb which was slightly more complicated, and I had to use my legs and arms more. Sadly I don’t have no photos of this climb. Only a few times I had help from someone because I couldn’t quite get there. That’s 2 successful climbs! :D.


Archery:  I had so much fun with this one, every time I go to these weekends there’s always an Archery shooting range and I also enjoyed shooting some arrows. This time I was super proud that I was able to hold the bow long enough (there was a time when I wasn’t able).  My friend and I had a friendly game (best of 3), first to 1000 2x and a decider to 500 points. On the decider, our first 5 shots all hit the center, and I have no idea how we managed it HAHA!

 Sensory room

Sensory swing

Ingleborough show cave:  walked for a natural cave

Countryside walk

Zip wire:

Crate stacking:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Canoeing: I bit of a long video, but it’s the best I could do!

this was the one I was most nervous about because I get a little shakey around a mass amount of water, but I was only able to sit on the boat because of the special harness in the picture below:



Just a few words to finish.

I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every second of my time at Bendrigg. Every member of staff are a joy and easy to talk too, and they have an understanding of most disabilities and have the equipment to aid the person to get the most out the activities. The harness on the canoe is a perfect example, without that I would never be on the boat, nevermind feel safe while rowing.

Encouraging us to be as independent a possible, without being too obvious. (you’ll be surprised how many places I’ve been to where that was the case) 

The most important part for me is they allow others to take part in lending a helping hand, is only a small thing but makes a huge difference to build up confidence.


Just want to say a massive Thank You to everyone at Bendrigg Trust and to those who shared the experience with me. you all made it such a special week that I definitely remember for a long time!


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