Book One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I just realised something…..





It is already ONE YEAR since my book ‘The Hardship of Growing up on Wheels’ first out into the world.





where had this year gone,…

The sales of my book were excellent, and I had lots of positive feedback, and I was pleased with my work, I was very nervous about sharing my personal experiences and the challenges that I faced on a day to day basis and still do.

Even if one person benefits from reading my book, I will be happy. Moving forward, I would like to encourage people of all walks of life, with all sorts of disabilities, to share their own experiences because once it’s out there, it does get better, and it helps people to be more understanding.

I hope families with teenagers with/without a disability find my book informative and helpful as it is such a stressful time these days, as there is such high expectations that young adults struggle with.

I am very proud of myself and can’t believe that I actually published a Memoir that other people find interesting and helpful.


If you want to read my journey from 1st draft to publication, I got a blog post just for you.

The importance of focus and looking ahead. My first book journey!

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