2012 Olympic Torch Run




Is not hard to believe that this is my favourite picture in recent years, considering that I have this image everywhere.  I even have a massive picture block that I got hung up in the house.

I still remember every moment, from the butterflies leading up to my part of the run to the excitement of holding the torch for the very first time (you can see the expression on my face).  Even the preparation before, like putting on the tracksuit for the first time made me realise that this was happening!

Even the haircut a week before, and I wanted to do something special.  So I had the 2012 Olympic logo shaved on the back of my head!!


Let me find the picture so I can show you!


How impressive does that look!  However, I must say that the back of my head felt so COLD for weeks!


This moment is so special to me that I am going to share the moments with everyone with a video of my moments with the Olympic Flame, that my friend filmed and edited for me.


created by Andrew Chambers.

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