The importance of focus and looking ahead. My first book journey!


24 March 2018,

After going to the doctors and receiving some news that I might have some mental illness that runs in my family.  I come home, and I thought I was alright, but in those two weeks it was building up and on 23 May 2016,  I couldn’t hold in anymore, and I unleash all my emotions to my carer.

When I was saying all sorts of the subject, it was clear that I still remember A LOT of my personal experience form high school. That’s when my carer told me to write a book about everything that I was saying to her. And that’s how it all started…

I spend the next five days of planning, and on June 1st, 2016, I began writing. Now honestly this was my first ever attempt at any sort of writing.  I’ve never been a fan of the subject in high school, so the fact I am even trying to do this, its crazy!!

When I started nothing seemed to stop me, no kidding every day I spent an hour or two dedicated to writing, even with careers in the house that wasn’t going to stop me! And thank god that my carers didn’t discourage me at all! They all support and leave to write. Thank you!!

I hit a wall!

I reach a point in my book where the subject matter was too painful for me to write. And I stop for two weeks. To halt writing after working every day that so strange I didn’t know what to do with my self. Then I got help with a counsellor I manage to overcome my wall and continued. Two months and two weeks I completed my book! With a grand total of 55K words! (roughly) not bad for someone who never attempted writing before.

I enjoy my experience too much, and a carried on with my life and started to write what happened to me after school, and stopped at 2016-17.  Had to stop somewhere; otherwise, I can go on and on, and it will start to be a drag to write.with one of my carer editing the first half of my book. Roughy eleven months later, 16th, July 2017; I had written 55K words (roughly), and I finished it!



I can’t believe I finish the first draft of a book.

That seems unthinkable writing about it now.

I spend the rest of my days, slowly editing my book and MAN! I heard from other authors the editing phase is challenging, and they aren’t kidding. Editing is a massive pain in the backside!!!!!

Reading back my writing back is embarrassing painful, on the positive note, it makes me reflect on how much I have progressed.

I even had a go at poetry! And on the 9 October, I wrote a poem at 01:34 in the morning.

Which is in the book, I’m sorry, but I have to keep some things as a surprise. A few of my friends have read the poem and said they like it, so it can’t be that bad.   🙂

That’s my writing journey so far, from this point onwards I am keeping track of my progress.

31 March 2018,


I get a call from one of my beta readers (Gavin), and he said that he read Part 1 of my book (Highschool) and the feedback was:

“Fantastic! A few spelling mistakes but that can be fixed, and emotional and easy read, the publishers should be calling for now for a book deal!…”

Ok, one step at a time!

After that phone call, I was so over the moon I could have stood up and started dancing, which would be petty impressive considering I can’t stay up on my feet for too long. My positively is now over the roof!! 😀

11 May 2018:

The first part of my book (High School) has been ‘finish’ now for ages now, so I decided to order a physical copy! So that’s what I did! So I used blurb, and it took me some attempts to I finally order four copies.  I have no idea why four prints and I am on the last chapter of my first editing phase so you can say that I should have waited a little bit more than order a whole copy.  All I can say is that I not seem to do things the “normal” way.

Hopefully, I got that post soon, I can’t wait to see half of my book in my hands.
Going to take a photo as soon as the parcel arrives!
15 May 2018: 
10:00, my friend come over, and we started on the final chapter and to my surprise that we are done so well that I could say that I finish the first edit of my book!! :O. However, I’m playing safe, and we decided to have one more look to double check the ending if the words sound right before we can celebrate that my book is finished! So we are going to do that this Saturday!!
I was also looking for my postman with my books, checking the post site. We were getting excited and nervous.
At 12:20, my friend left.
Only at 12:38, I spotted a post van outside, and I couldn’t believe it.  I got the box and trying to hold my nerves control my shaking hand with the cutting tool. When the box was open, I remove the paper, and there were my books! A physical copy of half of my book right in front of me.
I just had to take a picture and sent to my friend.
No kidding, I was so happy that I put on music on youtube, turn up the volume and scanning through my book.
I almost didn’t notice my physio waiting outside the door at 13:02.  I told the physio that I was so happy, she asked me why? I showed her the box, and she couldn’t believe it.  Then I did some walking haha! Had to do some exercise, can’t look at my book all day!
The only thought now is how I am going to hide my books from family, mostly father?
19 May 2018:
I FINISH MY FIRST EDIT!!!! it almost took my friend and me two years to fully edit this book! My head is hurting now!!
I was about to call it finished when my friend was reading the physical copy of my book about school, and we both realised that it had been two years since we last seen it. With quick reading, they were many mistakes! So we are going to look over the first half again, and the experience that we both learned hopefully will make it so much better!!!!
 After this edit, I think of calling it and get prepared for the next stages.  I’ve heard from an author on youtube who said that you can go a bit insane editing because you can ALWAYS find something to change. So is best to get to a stage where you satisfied with.
With that said, I am so scared of the next stages!! 😦 I have NO IDEA what to do next!!
29 May 2018:
Got a call from AuthorHouse and they can help me with my book :D. The only thing is speaking on the phone with I have many difficulties over the phone and now I better get a move on and get my manuscript ready asap!  I wasn’t expecting a call so soon! Going to be a crazy time!
        It doesn’t help that I got a MASSIVE headache right now. Needless to say that I’m not feeling that well and haven’t really been sleeping.
12 June 2018:
I finish the last bit of editing.
I was now ready to send everything over to AuthorHouse, I was apprehensive but took an intense breath and took the plunge and clicked the send button, no going back now :O!!!!
11 July 2018:
 Moving on to the Editing phase 😀
23 April 2018:
I printed out copies of my ‘final copy’ so I can read through it myself.
Here’s a picture!!!!:
27 September 2018:
I received a complete edited version of my manuscript!!
A little bit of a pain that I’m going on holiday next week.  I have to wait for until I get back to look at my final copy of my book.
18 October 2018:
Just sent the final copy back to the publishers!!! No turning back now!!
13 November 2018
Thursday 15th, 2018:
my book is out into the world, and I guess I’m an author now (that feels so weird to say!)  now is the tricky bit for me is to SHOUT OUT and let people know about it, wish me luck.
Thursday 20th, 2018:

Hello People,

um… I honestly can’t believe that I’m at this point.

A two and a half years journey.

Here’s the cover reveal!

This is available on Amazon and AuthorHouse sites. Please click on this blue word Book which would take you there!!


before I finish here:
I realise that I should have marketed this book months ago, but I am not sure if I haven’t said it on this site already, I’m not in best terms with some family members who I won’t mention. And if they knew about this project, they would talk me out of publishing a book. Which would have discouraged me and this book would end had in the trash.  Which is why I kept it a secret know for two and a half years now. Which is surprising that I made it a secret for this long, there were so many hints.
Anyway, I just wanted to say just in case you were wondering why I left to for so long!

6 thoughts on “The importance of focus and looking ahead. My first book journey!

  1. Sounds amazing, well done on committing yourself, I have thoughts often and many a people have told me before to write a book, I will try to order a copy and read your story, congratulations on solid hard work from you and great determination to finish, hopefully this will be the start of many more, Tina,

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